At this site, most of the business side of A3D can be maintained and easily accessed by any A3D member at any time - at least, that is the goal.  For example, meeting minutes will be published in this site.  Similarly, all action items will be viewable and can be addressed here, as well.  The current list of Directors and Officers is maintained here, with each year's records also accessible.  There is also a calendar that can be added to by anyone (approval may be necessary before the event shows on the calendar).

This is a password protected site.  You need to register an account, and then log in to the site.  If you use AOL, it is recommended to use another browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) to register.  Once logged into the site, you will have access to various information that will continue to expand.  Directors will get additional access to publish documents, and all registered members can add comments to general documents (after I update each Director's access levels manually - I cannot do this until the account is created by the Director).

When an A3D Director publishes a document, it is only editable by that Director, or by an Officer (who can edit anything on the site).  Other directors cannot edit that document, and general members cannot edit documents at all.

Suggested use example - Action Item List.

1.  Say a Director creates an Action Item, such as "Contact Newspapers, Radio, and Television for promotion of Event X".
2.  If I, as a member of the A3D Member Site, am logged in, I can view this action item and decide if I can take on that task.  As a good volunteer, I would be able to add a comment to that item (at the bottom of the web page) stating that I will do it (i.e., "I can contact the Newspapers by Monday, March 26, 2007.").
3.  Then, I would have assigned myself the task, and other members can see that the newspaper part of this Action Item is being cared for by me.  Another member can take responsibility for the radio and/or television part of the same Action Item by adding a comment stating that.

Similarly, meeting minutes can be corrected or appended to by using comments.