A good place to start is by checking your profile to make sure that you are presenting yourself the way you would like other A3D members to see you.  Click on "My Profile" below the A3D icon in the upper left of the page.

In your Profile, you can update your information (name, password, contact info, personal info, etc.), and you can update your picture.  You are allowed to use your own picture, but it has to be approved by the A3D Officers.  Or, you can choose a general picture from the samples provided.  Most people will want to use their own picture.  If you feel that you must, you can remove your image, as well.

Your "Connections" are the other A3D members you meet and have connected with.  They may be A3D officers, directors, or other members.  To connect with someone, you can visit their profile (i.e., click on their picture), and choose "Request Connection" from the Connection menu option.

You can check out any A3D member profiles to learn more about them.  If you would like to, you can send a message either privately through this site or via an email sent through a form.

To find other members, simply click on the link at the top called "Members List".  There are many other ways to navigate through this site.  We'll let you figure those out...

This should get you started.  Have fun!